Tips and stories from a career-mum

Welcome to Powernappy !

No, we are not a super brand of diapers but a parenting blog that provides tips and stories from my daily experiences (or should I say struggles haha) as a working mum.

I am F, and I have 2 daughters : Toddler “Apple” who is 2 and Baby “Peanut” who is 4 months. I am happily married to a wonderful man and we are raising our family in the South West of the UK.

I work full-time as a Marketing Director for a large company. My career is a big part of who I am. So ever since I became a Mum, I have done my best to try and be a good mother to my girls, a decent wife to my husband and continue to learn and progress at work. I fail more often than I succeed but I do my absolute best.

Along my life, I was fortunate to encounter a lot of strong men and women, who have been role models for me. I started this blog to be able to keep memories of my life as a young Mum but also to try and give back a little by sharing my experiences and tips.

Also, I can’t wait to hear all about you so don’t hesitate to leave comments and to add your own tips and stories !



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