Review of April 2018 : Girly week-end, New nanny and Bullet Journal

April is almost over ! It’s been my third month of being back at work after Mat leave. Here are a few things that happened at home and in work during this first month of Spring :

Highlights at home :

  • Sleep, or lack thereof : Peanut and Apple have both been through pretty hectic sleep regressions that started during Easter week-end. A bad case of eczema for Apple and extra hunger for Peanut meant we were up almost every night at least once for 3 weeks. It was very hard to be effective at work and I was properly panicking at some point. Fortunately, things have improved now and I have slept 7 hours straight for the past week (Hope I haven’t just jinxed that…).
  • Week-end on my own : I have managed a week-end away last week and it was amazing. I admit I wasn’t 100% motivated to go because it was a Friday to Sunday affair, which meant that I did not see my girls AT ALL for the entire week-end. For working parents, that feels like a big sacrifice. But it was such a relaxing week-end that it has done me a lot of good. I have now planned a second one for the month of June. It was a hen-do with 14 other women and it was very inspirational too to learn from each of those girls. From the ones who are 100% devoted to demanding careers, to the mums making a career change, going back to studying or trying to juggle 3 kids and a full-time job, the variety was fascinating and humbling.
  • Childcare : We have hired a nanny ! And she is fantastic ! Our life has changed for the better. Lion and I are much less stressed and the girls are loving it. We are spending much more quality time as a family, it is well-worth the extra cost. I feel so fortunate to be in a position to afford this comfort.
  • Gardening : I decided to try and produce some of our food in our garden. So far, I have planted tomatoes and some herbs. Apple absolutely loved gardening with me, putting the seeds in the earth and watering them. I have become more conscious of our carbon footprint lately so I am really motivated to try and consume more responsibly.

Highlights at work :

  • Bullet Journal : In an attempt to be more organised and reliable, I have started a bullet journal. For those of you not familiar with the concept, it is a journal where you write down everything you have to do, along with your calendar and all the useful information you need to keep your life in order (for example, mine has my list of go-to recipes for quick and healthy dinner, as well as my meal plan). I will report at a later date (edit : see my 30 day review) on whether this is making a difference in my life but I have a feeling it will, as I can already feel much more satisfied and on top of things.
  • Teamwork : Various projects have reminded me lately that better results are often achieved as a result of working together. I sometimes have a tendency to feel that everything is on my shoulders but I have tried to focus on asking questions as opposed to finding answers and I have been so amazed by what my team has achieved. No single individual can be stronger than a group !
  • New skills : 3 months ago, I have started heading up a specific project that requires me to build a strong understanding of Pricing and Finance. This felt quite daunting and I have put off really getting into it and this has caused the project some delays. I made a full effort this month to invest a lot of time in reading reports, talking to experts and reflecting, as opposed to producing. And I feel so much more confident and proud now, and I feel I am supporting the team much better too. It is a good reminder that we should never stop learning and retreat on an “expert” ivory tower. Careers now span over 40 years so it will be a very boring ride if we stop trying to expand our skill set when we hit 35 or 40 !

In May, stay tuned for :

  • My first week-end on my own with both girls, Lion will be away
  • Peanut starting solids and continuing breastfeeding
  • The results of a personality and leadership test that I recently took with a consultant

And maybe a bit of sun ???


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