Bullet Journal : 30-day review and tips

About a month ago (see review of April 2018), one of my friend showed me her bullet journal. I had heard of them and had seen a few ads on Facebook but I had never seen one in real life. She told me that she started hers because she was always doing 100 things at the same time and was doing a bad job of keeping track, thus becoming notoriously unreliable.

That sounded just like me ! So I thought I’d give it a go and try it out for at least a whole month. Here is my experience after 30 days of “bullet journaling” !Read More »

Outnumbered ! Tips from week-end on my own with a baby and a toddler

Lion was away last week-end and I stayed home with Apple and Peanut. He left on Friday morning when I was at work and returned on Monday night after bedtime : I therefore had to care for the girls on my own for 4 consecutive bath and bedtimes, 3 mornings and 2 full days. This is regular life for my newfound heroes that are single parents, stay-at-home parents, army spouses and the likes (even our nanny, this goddess). But for me, it was the very first time. And I must admit, I was a little bit (very) scared.Read More »

Personality and leadership test : friend or foe ?

Have you ever taken an MBTI test or something similar ? I recently did and it got me thinking about personality and leadership tests in general.

These tools are designed to help you understand how you operate and think at work and, taken in the context of a team, how others operate and think, with the view that if everyone knows each other better, team interactions will be easier and more productive.Read More »

Eco-conscious but busy Mum (or Dad) ? Here are my top tips for doing our bit for the planet

Since I became a mother, the urge to protect the planet and be a more responsible consumer has grown much stronger. I really want to do my best to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. I also want to do my best to keep my family away from harsh chemicals and pesticides. Yet, sometimes, it seems so out of reach. Not that I am trying to find excuses, but a lot of environment-friendly options are time-consuming and as a Mum, time is scarce…Read More »