Peanut is 6 months ! Update on sleep, food and breastfeeding

My Peanut turned 6 months last week ! It went so fast ! 6 months is a lovely age because baby is still quite easy but gives you a lot of rewarding smiles and laughs. I thought it would be nice to give you guys an update on how she is doing.

  • Character : She is the most adorable, smiley baby ever. Everyone comments on how content she is. She is starting to find her voice however and demands attention when she is left on her playmat for too long. I am happy that she does that as, with toddler Apple being so loud and active, it is easy to forget the sweet silent baby. Fortunately, she is growing and making herself heard !
  • Development : She grabs and puts everything to her mouth now. She can also grab her feet now, they seem to fascinate her ! She has become good at playing whilst on her tummy. She can sustain her weight on her legs and laughs when she bounces up and down. She is bang on reaching her milestones at the right time bar one : she can’t roll over yet. Apple didn’t roll until she was at least 9 months so I am not worried. Speech-wise, she is starting to babble very nicely, saying “ba-ba” and “ma-ma”.
  • Sleep : She didn’t sleep through until she was a good 5 months, but now she goes 7 to 7 ! Her bedtime routine is a bath with her nanny, then when we come home we have a nice play, then a bottle or breastfeed at 6.30. Sometimes she falls asleep whilst feeding but when she doesn’t, we read her a book, sing a few nursery rhymes and then off to bed by 7. She sleeps in a sleep bag (I love the brand Slumbersac, really cute gender neutral design and way cheaper than Gro-Bag for the same quality). She is also a thumb sucker which helps her fall asleep and soothe herself back to sleep if she wakes. Apple is also sleeping well these days so we are finally catching up on some zzzzz !
  • Weaning : I was so excited when Apple started solids but with Peanut, I had no problem waiting until 6 months as her being exclusively on milk is so much easier. That said, I was happy to begin the weaning phase. I intend to do spoon-feeding and puree but so far she is not really into it. But if we give her some bread or a cooked carrot stick, she munches on it happily. So we might go the baby led weaning route after all !
  • Breastfeeding : We are still breastfeeding ! I am amazed we made it to 6 months, especially as I stopped at 3 months with Apple. We have a breastfeed together when she wakes up in the morning and it is a lovely way to start my day, with my sweet warm baby in my arms and both of us under the duvet. During the day, she has formula and then we have another feed in the evening. I then pump before going to bed to try and leave some breastmilk for the day. At that point, I don’t know for how long we’ll keep breastfeeding. As long as I have milk in the morning and she is happy to nurse then I’ll probably keep at least that feed for as long as we both enjoy it. I have stopped pumping at work this week. I managed to pump every day once or twice for 3 months and I am really happy, but I am fed up with it now and ready to stop.

Life has settled down for us all now and we have found a balance as a family of 4. Looking forward to our first family beach holiday next month !

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