Review of May 2018 : Work challenges, 2019 holidays and social life re-ignited

May has flow by !

It’s been a difficult month, mostly because work has taken over my life. We did have a lot of nice moments throughout the month and overall, I think it will remain a productive month at home and work.

Highlight at work :

  • Work, work, work : Despite 2 bank holidays, work has literally invaded every aspect of my life this month. I logged in practically every night after dinner, I had several bouts of insomnia thinking about business challenges, I had a fruitful but intense series of strategy and feedback sessions with my boss. Overall, most of my thoughts have been hijacked by work and I feel very sad that I haven’t been as present physically and mentally at home with my daughters. I actually miss them ! In June, a week of holidays should help rebalance things.
  • Team meetings : When I am overwhelmed at work, I have a bad habit of distancing myself from my team in order to get more of the job done myself. This month, I did it a lot and my team felt the communication was quite poor, as well as the level of guidance I was giving them. I managed to catch this before it became really bad and have reinstated a  weekly scrum and a fortnightly team meeting. Both were frequent before my mat leave but in the chaos of those first few months, they happened less regularly. Team meetings can sometimes feel superfluous to you as a boss as you usually know most of the information but they are crucial to your staff. As a team, we are also experimenting making those meetings warmer and now do a round of “thanks” in our meetings : we go around the table and everyone  says “thanks” to someone else for something they have done. Really “feel-good” moment and helps to realize that we are doing a good job together.


Highlights at home :

  • Meal planning… not : I am a big fan of meal planning and eating healthy but I have really let myself and my family down this month. Vegetables were scarce on the table as Lion and I resorted to quick meals of pasta, rice etc. Fortunately, the nice weather and Peanut’s weaning will bring veg and fruits back in our home ! On a positive note, I have cooked a new dish that will definitely become one of my favourite : Apricot Moroccan chicken. I will post the recipe very soon.
  • Out of the cave : We have had a surprisingly active social life this month ! I have been to the races, to girly drinks and to a party with Lion. It felt really good to have conversations not centred on children, to have a couple of drinks and to dance ! Lion and I have promised ourselves to do it more frequently and to splurge a bit more on baby-sitters !
  • Mess and more mess : How do you keep a home tidy ? Honestly, this month has been horrendous. Our house has been in a perpetual mess, cleared out by our fantastic cleaners once a week, only to descend into chaos again. Lion and I are really disorganized and in weeks where we give our everything to work, house chores often go last in the pecking order. Having a tidy home makes me so much happier though, but I am not sure where to start…
  • Peanut started solids : So far, she had carrots, brocoli, spinach, pear, banana and apple. She also loves munching on rice cakes. She likes the spoon now and is started to decrease her milk for more solids. We will offer meat and fish to her very soon, as well as yogurt and cheese. It is lovely to see her experiencing new flavours and to share these moments with her. We have scaled right back on breastfeeding (one of the consequence of a busy work month) but still have a lovely nursing cuddle every morning. I am hoping to maintain my milk supply for that feed for a little while but also know if could go downhill very quickly. I try to enjoy each feed as if it was the last. I absolutely adored feeding my little Peanut and hope we can maintain the relationship a little while longer.
  • 2019 holidays : Lion and I have decided to go for a family holidays far away next year ! We both traveled a lot pre-kids and really miss it. It is hard though to find a destination suitable for little ones. So far, we are considering Canada and Oman (really different, I know…). Any ideas from anyone ?

In June, stay tuned for our first holiday as a family in Portugal, an update on my first month of bullet journaling and a few recipe ideas !

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