A break from work : how to prep for a week holidays (WORK and HOME)

4 months after my return to work post-maternity leave, we are finally going on our first holiday as a family of 4 ! Work has been so busy lately that I really feel I need a break.

The problem with holidays when you have a busy job and family life is that you really pay for it with an increased workload to make up for the fact that you are going to be gone a week. So here is my top tips to have an organized and smooth departure and return, both in work and at home.Read More »

Busy parent 20 min recipe : Apricot Moroccan Chicken

I have decided to start sharing my recipes with you. They will be varied in terms of ingredients but they will all be suitable for a week night dinner for busy parents and children because :

  • They won’t take more than 20 minutes to prep
  • They won’t take more than 25 minutes to cook HOWEVER will always be recipes that don’t mind being cooked for a little while longer, as busy parents can’t just hang around the stove with an egg-timer in one hand and a glass of wine in the other
  • They will be healthy and will contain veg, carbs, protein and fat
  • They will be recipes suitable for the whole family (inc. toddlers)
  • They can be cooked using frozen / canned ingredients for extra speed
  • They can be frozen to be reused at a later date
  • They will need a well stocked spice cupboard as spices can make any dull ingredients sparkle.

For the first one, let me introduce my new favourite : Apricot Moroccan Chicken !Read More »