Review of July 2018 : More is more, Bullet journal tweaks and Potty training

July has been full of realizations !  The first one being, for good and bad, it is impossible to keep your work and home life separated. Whatever happens in work spills over to home and vice versa, so I will stop having a work and home section in the monthly updates because it doesn’t make sense. Instead, here is an update on LIFE

  • More is more : I have a bad tendency, when I have too much on in my life, to restrict what I do. Typically, I will prioritize my core work (excluding any side projects) and my girls. Everything else stops happening : reading, sport, networking, church etc… Lately, a few challenging  moments in work have led me to take a hard long look at myself. I have questioned the way I work and I have made a decision to keep my life “balanced” whatever happens. Sometimes, to get a big project over the line, it is needed to focus on the priority and let the rest take a back seat. However, as a default operating model, I think it depletes the thinking rather than sharpen it. It’s not that surprising actually that almost every big CEOs’ interviews depicts how they always make the time for sport, or reading or another social commitment. I used to think : “wow, it’s amazing they can somehow fit that in their busy worklife” but now I think that maybe that’s because of it that that are successful. Variety and richness of interests supports depth of character, creativity, morals and morale. More is definitely more.
  • Bullet Journal tweaks : I have made a few changes to my bullet journal to make it work harder for me. I have realized that having tasks organized by month doesn’t really do anything for me so I have started to only organize by week and it is helping  me a lot. I now have the 7 days of the week on one page. I have also added a daily goal, or “intention” to improve focus and satisfaction. I also have a new page with my book wish list as I find I often get recommendations but forget. On the design front, it still looks functional rather than stylish… Maybe one day !
  • Daily diary : I have also purchased a “one line a day” journal. I have made attempts at keeping a journal for years. I had one from when I was 8 to when I was 15 but have never repeated this performance. I thought the Bullet journal could help me do this but I found that it is really more an organization tool and I need another support to collect and write my personal thoughts. Is anyone of you readers a keen diarist who could share some tips to help me get started ?
  • Potty training : Ok, I realize not everyone will be interested in this so I have kept it for the end. Apple is finally on her way to being potty trained ! She is almost 3 now so not really an early adopter, but maybe waiting until she was absolutely ready is what made it so easy. She has really taught herself how to use the toilet and we didn’t have to do anything, except from buying the actual potty and inventing a “weewee” song to reward her when she goes (so lame I know, but it makes her so proud !). We are going to save so much money in diapers now !

That’s it for July folks ! Enjoy the sun and see you soon !

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