Marketer learning to code ?

Technically, I am a Millennial. But being born in 1986 places me in the older end of the group. Compared to some of the younger guys I work with, I am already a dinosaur at the grand age of 32. You want a proof ? I created a blog in 2018 (about 10 years after everyone else) and I have no Instagram account !!!

Technology is accelerating and changing our world at an incredible pace. The Iphone was launched only 10 years ago (I actually remember it vividly as I was in Business School at the time and my classmates and I did a report that predicted that the IPhone would bomb…). When I entered the workplace in 2010, Facebook had less than half a billion user (compared to 2.5bn now), Uber and Whatsapp were less than 1 year old, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook chatbot didn’t exist, neither did Alexa. People had Blackberrys in their pockets !

I remember taking an IT class in Business School. It was taught by a lovely old-ish professor, who made us create a fake website for a tennis school. Being a developer was lame ! We wanted to work in finance, consulting, maybe marketing (although that sounded so 80s)…

Fast forward to 2018 and it is now impossible to launch a business without either knowing how to code yourself, or without partnering with someone who does. Coders are the new makers. They top the salary chart, can work as much or as little as they want and possess essential but still rather scarce knowledge in our hyper-connected world. I am still struck by how so many senior business people have no idea how tech works. It would be like the CEO of a car manufacturer not knowing his factories !

I maybe a semi-dinosaur, but I am actually quite young, so I have made a decision : I am going to learn how to code. And I would like to share this journey with you !

My husband and I have selected to primarily learn Python 3, as it seems to be the ideal cross-over language for both development and data analytics, which we both do a lot of in our respective fields. We bought a book called Python Crash Course that was recommended to us by a developer friend and have decided to dedicate 1 hour every night to coding with a practical goal in mind : building a website that helps us meal plan as a family.

I will do my best to blog on a semi-regular basis about my experience of self-teaching coding. I don’t know how far I’ll go but I am determined to further my understanding of how things work.

Stay tuned for hopefully a fascinating journey ! Encouragements and advice welcome !



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