Learning to code in Python – Day 1

I have made a commitment to learn how to code in Python 3 and will give regular updates of my progress.

I know nothing about coding.  And not much more about computers ! So first things first, most of last night was dedicated to finding my feet. So here’s what I did :

  • I started by googling “complete beginner learn to code in Python 3” to see what would come up. And I found out two things :
    • It looks like Python is not a crazy language to learn for a beginner, that’s reassuring
    • But, most of the websites cater for people who already know how to dev in one language, not absolute complete dummies like myself.
  • I then looked for The Python for dummies book as this collection of “Dummies” books have helped me a lot when I learned photography. But the Python looks absolutely outdated so is not a good choice. I opted for Python Crash Course which was recommended to us by a developer friend. I browsed the first few pages and it looked reasonably “easy” as in it starts from the ground up. Quite intimidating that it is 624 pages though.
  • I then thought it could be useful to gain a little bit of basic understanding of how computers work. I am a big fan of Khan Academy so I watched their series on “how computer works” and “Internet 101”. It was very entertaining and informative for a complete beginner like me so I would warmly recommend it. The videos feature some Silicon Valley star developers who provided me with an extra boost of motivation, as they are quite inspirational. Bill Gates also features in these videos !
  • I spent a reasonable amount of time translating numbers into the binary system, just to make sure I understood how it works. I know this is not technically needed to code anymore but it certainly helps to go into the details.

And that was yesterday’s hour gone ! I found it quite fascinating and as it was mostly reading stuff, it wasn’t too intimidating. I think the scary part will start tonight, when I need to actually set things on my PC… Stay tuned for a complete report of my (hopefully) successful second evening !

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