Learning to code in Python : Day 3 – Else, if and elif

Day 3 – still nailing this (so far…) !

In the book Automate the boring stuff with Python, chapter 2 is dedicated to flow control. First it starts with a bit of theory on Boolean values, and I almost fell asleep ! It was a bit tricky to understand and also it’s 9.30 pm haha !

Fortunately, I quickly moved on to the more practical stuff, the function else, if and elif. And that was quite intuitive I must say. Similar to the stuff we were doing at Uni with Turbot Pascal. Check out my nice little program below :

2018-08-09 (5)

2018-08-09 (4)

How am I feeling : still smug… That’s not good as I know things are going to get harder as I progress. But I think the book is brilliant as it starts very slowly which helps you to collect wins, confidence and the will to keep going !

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