Parenting update on Apple and Peanut

It’s been a while since I gave an update on the girls, so here it comes ! For those of you less interested in the parenting thing, stay tuned for August update in a few days as well as a coding update (I took a break during the holidays but back at it this week).

Apple (2 years 9 months)

Apple is an absolute joy.

Her language has progressed tremendously in the past 3 months. She now makes complicated sentences, in both French and English. She is able to express her emotions and understands the difference between being “sad” and “angry” and “happy”. It helps her a lot in dealing with the frustration of daily life that she is now able to put words on sentiment. She is nonetheless quick to cry but most of the time can calm herself down, sometimes with a bit of help from us.

Her understanding of life is also progressing really fast. She doesn’t know all about the birds and bees yet but understands that a big belly means baby on the way and that this baby will be very little and will need protection. She also had her first encounter with death as we recently found a little dead bird in our garden. She was quick to tell me that the little bird was not fine !

In terms of motor skills, she can now ride her scooter and is close to mastering her balance bike. She absolutely loves jumping, walking, running and dancing. She rode a poney when we were on holidays and really impressed us with her courage : it was scarier for us parents than for her ! She absolutely loved it. I might try to find her a toddler riding class : if anyone is based in South Wales (UK) and has advice, I’d love to hear it. Her fine motor skills have also improved : she can color inside a drawing and use a pair of scissors (her new passion).

She is well underway to potty training herself although not quite there yet…

Food wise she eats everything. Her favourites are chicken, cheese, blueberries and brocoli. She also enjoys chocolate of course and insists on licking the spoon when I put a tiny bit of Nutella in her morning porridge.

Her sleep is generally good but she does take a long time to fall asleep in the evenings and wakes us up at least once a night. She has recently transitioned to a toddler bed and fell off a few times.  I wonder if we left her in the cot for too long and if she just got used to being able to wiggle around ?

She is more and more able to form relationships with other adults and children but Lion and I are still her favourite people. I do sense that she is ready for a bit more independence as she regularly pushes us away in the morning to start playing with her nanny.

Peanut (9 months)

Peanut is our Grace from God.

She is a very content baby but has recently found her voice. She is very vocal and uses a variety of consonants and vowels “baba”, “dada” and “mama”. She is learning how to make herself understood when she wants something. She babbles all day long and rarely cries, which means we all rush to her when she does as it means that something is clearly wrong.

She likes to be held and also smiles at everyone. A real big frank smile that always make people smile in response.

Her fine motor skills are really strong now and she can pick up very small objects with her thumb and index finger. Her precision is quite amazing. She also loves playing with the balls and can send it back to me when I send it to her, laughing at the same time. Her gross motor skills are not particularly advanced though. She sits very well and can lean forward to reach something. She can also stand with assistance, but does not yet crawl nor pull herself up. We are not worried but are trying to encourage her to do more tummy time to strengthen her muscles.

She eats a lot ! Her favourites for now are any food that she can feed herself : bananas, bread, cheese, carrot sticks and biscuits. But she also enjoys all the purees we make for her (parsnip and asparagus, sweet potaotes, courgette…) and enjoys having little lumps in it. She has decreased her milk feeds but enjoys a 8 oz bottle in the morning. Breastfeeding stopped about 2 months ago now. She was not keen on nursing anymore and my milk supply had dropped so it stopped fairly naturally, without me even realizing. I’ll keep very fond memories of it.

Her sleep is absolutely fantastic. She goes 7 to 7 and rarely wakes us up in the night. She has one nap in the morning and one in the afternoon. She is the cutest thing when she sleeps as she takes her teddy and rolls to her side, thumb in mouth. Makes me want to squeeze her right when I am supposed to leave her…


Their relationship is really building now and they are starting to “play” together. Apple likes to kiss her sister and make her laugh. Peanut is cheekier and tries to snatch her snacks or toys. Seeing them together just melt my heart. We are so fortunate !



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