Review of October 2018 : Travel, Coaching and Making week-ends count

One month passed already and we are in November ! It’s not that cold yet in Wales but it is definitely darker, especially after 5pm. Christmas is already just around the corner too.

So, what was I up to in October ?

Travel : As I told you in this post, I am going to travel for work a lot in the next few weeks. And it started last week actually, as I went to Paris for 2 nights to visit our office there and also meet with a partner. It was nice to fly on my own, I could drink my coffee and read the FT in peace, without having to entertain Peanut. The meetings I had were productive and I had 2 evenings in peace. The first one I went to a bookshop to buy some books in French for the girls. The second, I went for a walk in the streets of Paris and then had a picnic in my room watching old episodes of Mad Men. I managed to go for a run the last morning too, before heading to the airport. It was great to have some time for me although I missed the girls and Lion. (little travel tip, the hotel I stayed in in Paris was the SoPi 1er etage, very well located, stylish and reasonably priced so I highly recommend it)

Travel (bis) : On a not-work note, one of my friend from school invited us last week to come to his wedding in India in 2019. I was expecting the invitation and Lion and I had already decided we would go with the girls, so I am beyond excited for a far-away family trip next year ! Ii lived in Bangalore for 6 months as a student so am really looking forward to going back and seeing how the city has developped in the past 10 years. I am also slightly scared by the logistics (and the cost) of the trip but it will be worth it !

Feeling the benefits of coaching : To help me through the turmoil at work and my transition to a new role, I requested extra support and my company granted it. I now have a professional coach that I meet once a fortnight and who is helping me reach my goals. Mostly, we have focused on (re)building my self-confidence and ridding me of the constant negative self-talk to replace it my more optimistic and empowering thoughts. I had never had professional coaching before and I find it really helpful. She does not lecture me but instead asks me the right questions to help me come to helpful realizations. She also holds me accountable as regular meetings force me to follow-through on what I have identified as needed progress. I would highly recommend it and think everyone has the need for one at one point or another in their career. I have realized that what determines if I succeed or not in my professional life is not my intellect but my attitude towards others but more importantly myself.

Making week-ends count :  Since I read the 7 habits of highly effective people (see Review of September 2018 for my take on it), I have started to think of my spare time in terms of an investment : what can I do that will bring me satisfaction in the long-term. I have identified 4 areas : sports, writing, reading and exploring. Sports because it will help me stay healthy in the long run.  Writing because I have always loved it and would like to keep on improving (hence this blog). Reading because it gives me perspective. Exploring because this is pure entertainment and pleasure for me as I have always had an adventurous side. So I am now trying to organize my spare time following these 4 dimensions. I have drastically reduced Netflix bingeing and aimless internet browsing. I find it makes for a much more refreshing week-end and also brings me more balance and happiness.

That’s it for my October review ! Stay tuned for November, the continuation of my European trips and Peanut’s and Apple’s birthdays !

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