Why I no longer wear make-up at work

I have always worn make-up to work. Not an outrageous amount, just a bit of foundation and powder, a bit of eye-liner and mascara.

For years, I have cherished the morning routine of applying my make-up. Sometimes, it was just a nice bit of pampering. Sometimes, it was a way of preparing myself for the  day ahead. And sometimes, before an important meeting or presentation, it was a way to put on my war paints, to get ready to face the challenges ahead, at my best. I never in a million years imagined that I would one day stop wearing make-up to go to work.

And yet, a few weeks ago I started reducing my make-up routine and then stopped completely. 

And it was all for a very simple reason : putting make-up on actually does not do anything for me and takes some much precious time away.

I realized that putting make-up on every morning was taking 5 minutes. And another 3 minutes to take it off at night. That’s 30 hours per year. I started thinking what those extra 30 hours a year could do for me and my career.

With 30 hours, I could do almost 3 days of management training. Or spend an extra hour preparing for the top 30 meetings of the year. Or do 15 coaching sessions. Or read 2 extra management books. Or I could get 30 hours or leisure back to myself or to spend time with my family.

There are so many more productive and satisfying ways to spend those 30 hours than to spend them dealing with make-up. I don’t need make-up to be beautiful. Clean skin, healthy hair, a big smile and flattering clothes are enough. I am not even sure I need to be beautiful. Inside yes, but outside, who does it matter to ?

So I gradually reduce the amount I was putting on so people would get used to it and then I stopped. And no one said anything or remarked I looked tired. And so far, I am using those extra 8 minutes a day to have a sit-down breakfast with my family as opposed to a toast over the sink.

I am really happy with this.  I save time, money and give my skin a break. I am not even sure why I wore make-up all these years. If you do wear make-up, I encourage you to ask yourself why you are doing it and if it is for the good reasons. And if, like me, you realize that it is actually not doing anything for you, then give the no make-up a go !

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