Review of November 2018 : Work PTSD, Christmas stress and Peanut on the move

Sorry for the delay ! I know it is already the 15th of December. But when I tell you all about my November, you’ll understand why I am late !

Travel, travel : As I told you in my October review, I traveled A LOT in November. Paris,  Rome, Seville,  Amsterdam and Paris again. Mostly it was for work but the week-end in Amsterdam was a girly one, just Apple and I. To be fair, I enjoyed the work part more than I thought I would. I got some time for myself to run or just take long lazy baths in the evening, and I got to meet some pretty fascinating people who have completely expanded my horizons. Exactly what I needed because…

Do I have a case of work PTSD ? Those of you who read Powernappy regularly might know that I changed job over the summer. For a variety of reasons, things were not going well in my previous job and it was very much affecting my health, relationships and of course confidence. I am now in a much better position, with fun and supportive colleagues, and I am slowly getting better. But I have realized recently how fragile I still am. The smallest feedback can send me crying, either of joy and gratitude or of despair. My level of resilience to feedback is actually zero at the moment…  I have intense moments of discouragement. Not great when you are on a highly strategic project. That being said, I am doing a few things to get better : meditation every morning and night, focus and concentration when in work, a bit of extra work in the evening to reduce pressure on my days and coffee and chats with my co-workers. I get the feeling that it will not be a short process as I thought it would be, but that it will take longer. I will become better and stronger for it though.

Christmas is not the best time of the year : Or more precisely, the month before it. Between the shopping of the presents, the planning of the visits, the ordering of the kids’ presents with Grandma, the frenzy in work to close down all 2018 topics… How do people manage it ??? To be fair, I did a particularly bad job this year as I did not anticipate the shopping, but as I was away for most of November, that was not an option anyway. Any tips ?

Peanut is crawling ! At 13 months, she is finally on the move. We were starting to worry but she has finally gotten there. She is much happier and less frustrated now that she can reach and grab what she wants. She is growing so fast… but still has no teeth  !

In need of some hubby and me time : The summer to Christmas period is always hard because it is a long time to go without holidays, and it is usually very busy in work. Lion and I have been quite short with each other lately, we are both quite stressed. Fortunately, my parents have offered to have the girls for a night over the Christmas holidays so we will be able to go out and have a nice meal the two of us. We should really do it more often.

New year resolutions : 2019 is around the corner ! Time to look at 2018 resolutions and decide what I will focus on in 2019. I think I did pretty good with 2018 to be fair so pat on the back for me ! I will write a post on resolutions over the Christmas break : why I take them, how  I go about choosing them and  what is in store for 2019 !

Merry Christmas everyone !

2 thoughts on “Review of November 2018 : Work PTSD, Christmas stress and Peanut on the move

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