Review of January 2019 : flexible working, positive thinking and Apple growing up

First month of 2019 is almost over already ! Do you also feel that time goes quicker and quicker ? Anyway, January has been nice and busy… 

Working every night (or almost) : My new project in work is quite intense ! Probably more intense than any project I have worked on in the past 6 years. Except, I can’t pull 9pm finishes every night like I used to when I didn’t have children. So here comes the “dinner then back to work” routine, a staple of the career parent’s life ! I don’t like missing more than one bedtime of the girls per week so I do my best to come home by 7pm, to give Peanut a kiss good night and have dinner with Apple and Lion, and then I work again between 8 and 9ish. It is not my favourite way of spending an evening but it does help me stay on top of things and is getting easier and easier to do the more I do it.

Apple growing growing : She is now 3 years and 3 months and in the space of 2 weeks, she started school (only saturday morning for now) and spontaneously decided to throw away all her pacifiers ! I was so proud and happy for her, and most of all relieved because it is one less thing to deal with. So far she is also loving school.

No more negative energy : I have told you guys that one of my 2019 resolution is to stop negative self-talk and to stop bringing myself down. I feel I am on the right track there, as I have adopted some positive thinking. First of all, I now do morning affirmations (usually by listening to a YouTube soundtrack) and I also got into the habit of telling myself “Today is going to be a good day”. And you know what : most of the time, it works although I probably piss off my colleagues when I arrive all smiley at 8am on a Monday and start saying “today is a good day”. I feel thinking about the good helps keep focus on the positive side and not go into a loop of worry/stress/doubt . 121 with my boss ? The more feedback the better ! Presentation due tonight ? I will feel so happy tomorrow and will get to work my brain hard in the meantime ! I have also found I have more energy and cross off more from my to-do list. Big win !

Last books : Looking for some page turners to perk up your end of January ? So did I ! Read 3 books this month : Maus, a heartbreaking and highly moving comic on the holocaust, and the first 2 book of Elena Ferrante’s neapolitan series. I am now on a more work minded book : The Design of Everyday Things, known as the bible of UX design.

On identity crisis…  : I recently had this discussion with my girlfriends that it seems like most of our friends in their thirties are having some long and hard reflections on whether they have the life they want. I have had these kinds of doubt since I became a mother, but it seems like it is hitting everyone, with children or not, married or not, professional or not… Is it a product of our modern times or a normal pre-midlife crisis ? I don’t know for sure but the mid 30s identity crisis in my entourage is fostered by… Linkedin ! Seeing someone progress their career seems to bring as much jealousy as seeing someone else transition to a new career as an organic farmer ! It sometimes feel like the only glorious path for professional people with 10 years of career behind us is make it to the top or open a non-profit. No more glory in being a middle manager with a steady paycheck, or a part-time working mum. Which is the life that most of us are leading by the way…

Enjoy February when it comes ! To conclude January, we are going on a nice week-end as a family 🙂

PS : in the time it took me to write this, Apple managed to do her biggest mischief to date : she rummaged in my cupboard to find my make-up box and nail polish bottles, she brought the lot to her bedroom (where she was supposed to be napping) and emptied all of it on her and on her carpet… Maybe that’s payback for the dummies going to easily !




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