Long overdue update

It’s been almost 6 weeks since I last wrote. That is the longest I have ever gone since I started this blog now 1 year ago. I will try and catch you up on my life so this post might be a bit all over the place. Bear with me, normal service will indeed resume !

The truth is, the past 6 weeks have been both hectic and constructive. As I mentioned in my January update, I am currently working on a very intense and time-consuming project. And I must confess that everything else has fallen by the wayside : sport, sometimes my level of attention to the children, blogging and reading. I feel I am pouring so much of myself into work, first intellectually and increasingly emotionally, that I have little inspiration left in the other areas of my life for now.

Curiously, I have been fairly happy with this. I think I have possibly experienced a 6 week long state of flow. And I am not out of it just yet, as the project will now prolong until at least the end of April, possibly June.

I am learning a lot about myself. I have had the opportunity to develop and nurture what I do best : strategic thinking and communication. I have also been face-to-face with my demons : lack of organization, difficulty to delegate, procrastination. Above all, I think I am slowly exiting that light PTSD syndrome I mentioned in a past blog post. Nearly a year after my last job went pear-shaped, I feel I am slowly getting confidence back.

Anyway, this is a warm-up blog post, I will be back very soon with some more structured update and a review of the month of March.




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