Review of March 2019 : Career revival underway, messy house and blogging

I promised a March update and here it is ! 3 weeks late but after skipping the February update altogether, I thought I would still give myself a pat on the back for blogging about last month.

Finally on the mend : For those of you who follow me regularly, you know I had a rough patch at work that started about a year ago and culminated by a change of job in July. Basically, I was in a job that was not good for me, for many reasons, and it coincided with my second pregnancy / breastfeeding / maternity leave combo which meant that I was clearly not at the top of my confidence. I endured a very public demotion and a severe loss of self-esteem. BUT, I am glad to say that about a year after all of this started, I am finally back to my old self and my ambition has returned… as well as my sharpness and success. I have recovered from what has been in effect my first career setback and have earned the trust of two of the most senior people in the company¬† with my latest project and they are now helping me in the next stages of my career. All thanks to hard work, tenacity and the support of my husband Lion and a few amazing colleagues. I have found myself again, I have proven to myself that I still have many success and promotion ahead of me and that I should not doubt it again. When I have time, I will put those thoughts in an article, to help other mothers who might experience a similar challenge in the future.

But housework has gone pear-shaped : The side-effects of my professional rebound is that I have worked… a lot. At least one 10pm finish per week, a couple of 7am start and a few hours of work every week end during nap time. As a result : the state of the house has seriously degraded. The fridge is more often empty than stocked, we have eaten a lot of pasta, the garden needs a good clean-up and there are a few jobs in the house that terribly need doing. It has been a source of tension between Lion and I. I would like to get back into a good routine soon, probably starting by more thorough meal planning and grocery shopping.

Peanut is almost 18 months – and I am back to my pre-baby shape : OK, not the most important thing in the world, but it feels so good to fit into my pre-baby wardrobe. I was fortunate to not have to do anything special to lose weight and I must say being in a semi-depressed state for 6 months last year probably killed my appetite (NOT a good way to lose weight). Combined with a renewed sense of purpose at work and slightly older children, I do feel I am experiencing a revival, which is fantastic.

Quick update on Peanut and Apple : Apple is now 3 1/2, she is no longer a baby but a cheeky, brave, kind and funny little girl. She loves to play outside, to cook and to go to the playground. She is starting school in September which will be really good for her as she craves contact with other kids and is also so curious about learning. Peanut is almost 1 1/2 and she is blossoming. She was a late walker and teether which means she still looks very baby-ish, but her language skills are progressing very fast. She can say about 20 words now and understands everything. She has a passion for cupboards, books and peanut butter (how random). Life is very enjoyable these days.

What about blogging : Blogging has clearly taken a back seat these last months. Partly because time has been scarce but also partly because I didn’t feel like writing as much. It is important for me to keep publishing though because I promised myself I would continue, even if it becomes more sporadic. So mark my word : Powernappy is still very much alive !!!

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