Review of April 2019 : “Done is good”, Peanut on the move and unexpected spanner in the works…

Since the fiasco of February, I have promised myself to not miss a monthly update. So here I am ! Eager and excited to share how my April has been ! The good bits and the bad bits… Let’s start with the bad bit.

Burglary : The main event of the month has been that, sadly, our house was broken into. It happened during the night, and all 4 of us were asleep upstairs. We did hear some noise but thought nothing of it, only to discover in the morning that a lot of our valuable items (including our car…) were gone. It was a whirlwind of emotions : relief that we were not hurt, gratitude that our dearest possessions (jewelry, cameras, laptops) were not taken, anger at those people who came into our home whilst our kids were there, guilt at all the things we could have done to protect the house better but didn’t. And above all, fear that it might happen again. The prompt reaction by the police and the fact that our car was found (wrecked, but at least it’s not doing drug runs up and down the country) made me feel better but my sleep has been disrupted. The smallest noise has me up and alert in bed in no time. I read a studies that explains that victims of crimes such as robbery or burglary take on average 4 months to feel noticeably better so hopefully it will improve. The aftermath has put quite a strain on our finances and our timetables, as we dealt with all the admin of  sorting out insurance, mobile phone etc. But it is now mostly over so we can start putting things behind us.

Done is good : This has become my new motto ! At work, I have sought projects and topics that throw me out of my comfort zone, so the consequence is I sometimes experience anxiety about upcoming tasks that I have no idea how to approach. To avoid the devastation of procrastination, I have put extra effort in just trying to get a first draft out of whatever it is I am afraid to do. It has been very helpful to see things from that perspective and has helped with maintaining a growth mindset.

People are amazing : Being well surrounded is so important. I was reminded of this recently when I was having a nice dinner with my new friends from the local church’s homeless shelter (one of my 2019 resolution). The volunteers are from all walk of life : retired couples, single men in their 50s, mums of teenagers, newly weds…) and it has been amazing learning about their lives, their ideas, their motivations. There are gems hidden in people and only by being curious, kind and open can you uncover them. Inspiration can come from the most surprising places !

Peanut walking : my beautiful 18 month-old Peanut is finally walking ! Oh that little wobbly walk is the most precious sight and she is enjoying running after her big sister so much. I bought her some new shoes over the week-end and she chose a pair of shiny yellow t-shoes that are so cute on her. I feel so fortunate to have her in my life.

What’s next : The project I was working on in work also somewhat concluded in April. I think overall it was a success and I learnt a lot from it, as well as gained the respect of a few pretty senior people. But with the end of this comes the question of What’s next ? And I am quite scared by that question and struggle to answer it : do I want to continue to do strategy work ? Or do I want to join one of our younger businesses and try a more operational role again ? Or do I want to do something completely different that would put me on the path for launching my own business (something I think I might want to do someday). I am getting cold feet to ask for what I want, because I am afraid I won’t get it or worse, that I will and then realize that I am no good at it. I have booked a session with my coach to see if that can help me.



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