7 morning routine tips for working mums (self-care only, not kids !)

I am not a beauty blogger but I do put some attention into my appearance, mostly for myself and partly to project a professional and high-standard image at work. At the same time, I refuse to spend hours getting ready in the morning : sleep and time with my family is much more important and so is getting to work early. Over the past 4 years, I have become quite efficient in my morning routine so I thought I would share my main tips with you. No rocket science, simply tips for regular working mums who just want to look a tiny bit good without spending 1 hour getting ready.

  • Smile when your alarm goes off : This is the preachy one but it does work. Try and be enthusiastic when you wake up and spring out of bed to start your day. It will help you not linger and waste time moaning or snoozing the alarm.
  • Opt for nutritious but quick breakfast : my go to breakfast menus are : A banana and peanut butter or plain yogurt and blueberries or scrambled eggs. All take less than 2 min to prep, can be eaten quickly and will fill you up (unlike a smoothie or a bowl of sugary cereals).
  • Stop wearing make-up : I wrote a full post on this. Check it out.
  • Clearly separate work clothes from week-end clothes in your wardrobe : This is a massive time saver. If you have clothes that you can only or mostly wear on the week-ends, put them in a separate drawer. This will limit your choice for workdays to only viable options and will save you a massive amount of time and mental load.
  • Buy a couple of simple black blazers and/or cardigans : this will help you make sure you always have one clean to throw on a sleeveless shirt or dress, thus also eliminating the need to think about what could go well with this or that.
  • Wash your hair less frequently : OK, this sounds gross. But it really is a top beauty tip ! First of all, washing your hair too often is actually bad for them as it dehydrates them. If you only washed your hair twice a week instead of three times, you will very likely find that your hair becomes more lustrous and shiny (good shiny, not greasy shiny). Second of all, dry shampoo is a great styling tool so you should embrace it. Third of all, hair adapts really well to being washed less frequently and will therefore produce less sebum. I used to wash my hair every other day and now only washes once or twice a week. My hair looks so much better, I pollute less and I save a lot of time. Win win win !
  • Stick to one handbag : Switching your car keys, wallets, tampons and other stuff from one handbag to another that goes better with your shoes is a futile waste of time. Buy one fantastic handbag and stick to it during the entire week. Or better yet, just do like me and ditch the handbag altogether, pockets do the job relatively well and give you that confident, relaxed look !

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