2019 resolutions : how am I doing ?

Apparently, most resolutions that people take a New Year are abandoned come February. To try and avoid this, I have published my resolutions for the year here to hold myself accountable. At almost the 6 months mark, how well (or not) have I acted on my list.

No negative self-talk : I’d give myself an 8/10 so far. I have been plagued for years (like most women) by lack of confidence in my professional ability so I think adopting a growth mindset is the best thing for me. I have really made progress in being my top supporter and framing experiences as learning rather than evaluations. What has helped me the most has been surrounding myself by supportive people, speaking up more (to test my reasoning) and proactively ask for feedback (to put myself in control of it rather than feel “judged”).

“Go deep” instead of “Go wide” : I’d give myself a 5/10. This resolution stemmed from my desire to deepen my understanding of a few topics rather than superficially exploring too many. So far, I haven’t really had the opportunity to put that in practice in work, although it is very much in my plans for the second half of the year.

Keep reducing the carbon footprint of our family : On this one, I’d say 5/10 for the effort. We have massively reduced bathroom waste (soap and shampoo bar, no baby wipes) and delivery cartons (massive reduction in Amazon orders). In the kitchen, the only meaningful thing we have done is stop buying kitchen rolls and paper napkin but other than that, it has been difficult. All the food comes in so much packaging that every time we get an Ocado delivery, we fill half a bin… Short of buying all our food in farmers’ market, I struggle to see how we can get to the step change that we want. Regarding the other carbon emissions, we have decided to not buy a new car after ours was stolen and are still relying on our foot and bikes for most transports. But I guess one plane trip reduces all the effort to waste. I really struggle to see what else we can do so please let me know if you have any ideas !

Read at least 12 books : Right, this one is a massive fail, so 3/10. I have probably read 3 books since the beginning of the year. BUT, on the positive side, I have read the FT almost every day and have indulged in a lot of fan fictions online. That must be worth something right ?

Volunteer at our local homeless shelter : 10/10 ! I have been coking at the shelter every fortnight this winter and I have really enjoyed it. I got to do a little bit for people living rough and I have met some lovely people. I will definitely do it again next year.

Organize a week-end away for Lion and I’s 5 year anniversary : 0/10 but it is in September so not quite there yet. I think in the next month, we need to start thinking about destinations and dates. Exciting !

Visit friends : 9/10 – I am going to Madrid for our annual girls week end next week ! In general, I have made an extra effort with friends so far this year, especially trying to make more friends in Cardiff. Lion is less comfortable with social situations than me so I do most drinks and invitations on my own, which is fine and reduces pressure for him. NYC will not happen though…

Write at least 40 blog posts : 7/10 if I go for proportionality : I have written 12 articles instead of the 17 I should have written at the 5 months mark… February I didn’t write anything so this really killed my stats. I had a lack of inspiration for a good 6 weeks that meant Powernappy had a dry spell… So far in May, I have written 3 (inc. this one) which means that, should I manage to write another one, I will start to make up for the gap. Fellow bloggers, do you have any tips or advice on how to keep writing regularly ?

Overall : 6/10 so not bad for 5 months !!! I think the most challenging are going to be the blog and the carbon footprint one so I would really love some help ! Please comment below or like my blog so I can visit yours and check out relevant tips 🙂





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