Ever had one of those days ?

Those days when you wake up blue for no particular reason.

When mood is morose, smile is discreet and eyes don’t sparkle .

When your work seems useless, inconsequential. Like it doesn’t matter.

Feeling you are not where you should be, but unsure where that actually is.

Wishing you had married a billionaire so you didn’t have to work, then remembering work actually puts a smile on your face most of the time, just not today.

Those days when the only thing that will make you smile is a goofy grin from your youngest or a wet kiss from your oldest.

A day when you can’t wait to go home because there is a world beyond work. And that world is waiting for you in your kitchen, will pester you for a biscuit and tell you that they saw a butterfly today.

I just had one of those days…



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