On second chances

Me ? I try to seize them. Growth mindset, learning from past mistakes, believing once more. Trying with all my enthusiasm, my eagerness, my ethics.

Others ? Quick judgement. Unfair gossip. Success is fleeting but failure is sticky.

Bridges burnt. Burnt by a mere candle really, and most people actually never saw the smoke. Never mind.

But to be able to look at the burnt bridge and see what it did when it was standing. That it helped many cross. That it allowed richness to travel, knowledge to be transmitted, laughter to be shared. That it once stood at the right place.

Better a burnt bridge than no bridge at all. No one may remember you were the architect. But you will. And you will stand proud and happy that you once did the right thing, especially when it was hard.

Never hope to change their minds. But make sure to make yourself proud, because self-confidence is the first brick of the next bridge.




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