“Mama stop looking at your phone”

Instead, ask me how was my day. Ask me if I saw some ladybirds in the park. Ask me how long I had to wait to get on the swing in the playground. Ask me what I had for lunch. What story my nanny read to me at nap time.

My darling, Mummy had such a hard day. I struggled with a report. I heard some unsettling gossip. And now I am waiting on that oh-so-important email about feedback on my latest presentation / project plan / team meeting. Please let me look at my phone.

But Mama, that’s not important. Instead, look how high I can jump.

Sweetie, it is important. It’s what grown-ups do. They obsess about details. They have doubts about stuff. They don’t know if they are doing well. They are afraid they will miss out on something urgent and essential.

Mama, ask me about my day. Because my day was important.

Oh, how can a 3 year old have that much wisdom…

Ok my darling, my love, my sweet girl. How was your day ?

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