To doing it my way

Yes, I am a nice girl. I tend to help people. I assume good intent. I like to connect, share a laugh or a coffee. I am liberal and accepting. I smile a lot.

The problem is, people take advantage. Not everyone of course. The political ones. The competitive ones. They equate kindness with lack of character. Simple terms with lack of expertise. Friendly conversation with laziness.

I can do competitive. But it’s not how I want to work. Collaboration usually produces the best outcome and the most pleasant experience.

I can do bitch, but it’s not the example I want to give.

I can do political, but really what’s the point ?

So here’s to being assertive but my way. Clarifying what I expect of a work relationship : informality, transparency, mutual support. Extending an offer of help but explicitly asking for reciprocity. Explaining my limits.

There’s no need to change who I am, it’s all about doing it my way.



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