Your yellow shoes…

They were your very first pair. You were a late walker, starting at 17 months, but you have used them until the sole became very thin.

All your first discoveries from up high were made saffron footed. They became the key to your first adventures. In the morning, you would bring them to me and asking me to put them on so you could explore the garden, look at the bees, dig the earth, throw some pebbles.

They became your very own trademark. The little girl on the playground with her yellow t-shoes. Afraid of nothing. Last to walk but first to climb, slide and swing.

Yesterday we bought you some new shoes. They are not yellow. The yellow ones had become too small for your feet. When the lady asked me if I wanted to get the yellow ones recycled, I hesitated. Would you like to have them later on, when you are older, as a souvenir ? Or would I ?

In the end, I decided to give them up. Actually, you did. You took them in your hands and ran across the store to give them to the lady, wearing your fiery new red shoes on your feet.

No regret, no looking back. The shoes were an instrument, but the curiosity, the courage, that’s all you. And the memories, they are in me, and in our photo albums. No need for clutter in the house, but let my brain overflow with all those moments of you growing up.

My little girl is 20 months but she is already teaching me stuff.

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