Review of June – July 2019 : Managing again, Holidays and keeping a clean home

The last 2 months have been pretty uneventful, hence I decided to lump June and July into one update. Brace yourselves because even doing this may not prevent this update from being… boring

Bored at work… : Little of what I work on these days excites me. I don’t know what my mission is – and I can’t really operate with an half-arsed attitude I am either all in or all out. Only hope : my boss is away for the summer and back in September so I am hoping that will help revitalize me.

So bored that chores actually seem exciting : Is it weird that I was more excited about scrubbing my shower on Saturday that I was about work this week ? This makes me feel like a 50s housewife, the perfect OPPOSITE of how I picture myself. But it is now all white and shiny ! Also, my cupboard are full of food, my living room is free of toys, I washed my curtains and even did some ironing. Oh boy…

The only new thing was equally boring : I think I might not like managing people. This is strange because a) I absolutely love working in a team b) I am “good with people”. But the formal management is not my cup of tea. I like leading, not managing. I like creating a culture, a shared vision, working together around the same laptop, debating, arguing… I don’t like 121s, Personal development plans, team meetings,… So the after 12 months of “leading”, my happiness level has clearly dipped now that I am expecting to do “managing” again. This is worrying me because I am not sure how I can ever be successful professionally if I don’t find a way to like this better.

Holidays were sweet but mundane : One week in the same all-inclusive as last year and one week in the countryside with friends. I really enjoyed it – really but there was no discovery, little actual tourism, just nice sweet family and friends time.

Get a grip girl : Being bored is a luxury. People who have real struggles with safety, finances, health, family… would kill for my life of the past 2 months. So I promise the complaining will be limited to this update and I will find you something very exciting for the August update. Stay tuned !

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