Three !

I am 13 weeks along with baby number 3 !

I mentioned in a previous update that Lion and I were very much contemplating the idea of a 3rd child, and we took the plunge in July. We’ve been extremely fortunate that it happened pretty much straightaway. Of course, we are extremely happy and the girls are aware and excited too.

Our first scan was yesterday and showed that everything is healthy and looks on track. I should give birth sometime in April.

The beginning of the pregnancy has been fairly difficult. In the interest of being thorough, I thought I would list the main symptoms I have experienced :

  • Nausea : Almost constant for the first 9 weeks. For my first 2 pregnancies, it was mostly in the mornings but this time, it was morning, mid-afternoon, after dinner and even middle of the night. Snacking helped improve it, so did drinking lemonade or ginger beer. Luckily, I was only actually sick a couple of times.
  • Anxiety : My anxiety levels have been through the roof. As often with me, it has focused on work. My confidence has gone down, as well as my ability to concentrate, express my thoughts and control my emotions in the workplace. I am actually quite worried about this as I am finding it very difficult to curb it, even using my usual techniques for motivation. I will probably raise it with the midwife at my next appointment as I feel I need some extra support. It is true that I keep thinking about what happened when I came back to work after having Peanut (I was demoted from my job 3 months after returning, despite being a top performer before leaving). I constantly feel I have to prove myself and this is causing me huge stress, but it is becoming harder to cope when pregnant.
  • Headaches : Since week 7, I had more days with headaches than without. A week ago, I even had a terrifying episode of intense migraine, blindness and confusion. I thought I was having a stroke and Lion actually started to make arrangements to take me to A&E and leave the girls with our neighbors. Fortunately, I fell asleep and woke up feeling better. My head was still very painful and my cognitive abilities impaired, but the improvement was such that I just rested home for the day but didn’t have to go to the GP. I have always been prone to migraines but pregnancy makes it harder to treat as most medications are not recommended. I hope it improves with the second trimester.
  • Bleeding gums : More anecdotal but super annoying. My girls find it very scary.
  • Food aversion : Hating the idea of meat at the moment… On the other hand, I have been craving spicy food, citrus-y flavours and crunch.
  • Insomnia : This may be linked to the anxiety but my sleep has deteriorated significantly. I don’t struggle to fall asleep, the challenge is staying asleep. I often have an hour or two laying in bed in the middle of the night with my mind racing and hot flashes followed by cold shivers. The past few days have been slightly better so fingers crossed it will improve.
  • Fatigue : Pregnancy, 2 toddlers and working full-time is clearly taking its toll in general on my body. With my previous pregnancies, it didn’t start to properly hit me until week 30 but this is a bit harder so far. More than needing to sleep much more, it is my body that already feels achy and stiff.
  • Sciatica : Walking to work is almost impossible these days, fortunately, I can still cycle comfortably.

The second trimester is just around the corner now. I have a small noticeable bump and people are starting to congratulate me. The girls are enjoying rubbing my belly, especially Apple. This is officially the start of the enjoyable bit of pregnancy !!!

I will try and keep you updated with progress. In the meantime, any advice on how to cope with a third pregnancy is very welcome !

PS : Pebble was born in April 2020. Click here for a post-birth update.

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