Review of 2019 and resolutions for 2020 !

Happy new year ! I hope it brings you and your families many joys and successes !

Did you celebrate the new year arrival last night ? For once, Lion and I stayed home, had a nice quiet dinner with the girls and went to bed before midnight. And it was HEAVEN ! My 16 year old self would laugh at me but being 6 months pregnant and with 2 kids, this was the perfect evening.

It also means that I feel good enough today to reflect on the past 12 months and set intentions for the next 12 months.

2019 has been a good year. If I try to make a list of all the good things that happened, it would be very long and would cover my professional life, family life, love life and even emotional life. It has been a year of personal evolution, discovery and growth. At the end of it, I feel I have matured as a person. I am more responsible for my path and emotions.

It is also the year that I understood how essential it is to take care of the people around you and to put yourself in their shoes as often as possible. I have practiced being mindful of others and it has paid many dividends. Our family life is more peaceful, my work life is simplified and more agreeable. I feel more companionship with my colleagues. It also boosts my own self-confidence as I know where I have dependency on other people and try to engage them early enough and in a compelling manner, instead of relying mostly on myself and ignoring my limitations.

Practically, what have I done differently ? First, I have prioritized informal catch ups with colleagues and attended most team coffees and lunches. Second, I have multiplied little attentions for people, be them little whatsapp messages or letting go of the small annoying stuff they might do. Third, I have started training as a coach, to expand techniques I can use with myself and the people I manage to help them reach their goals.

For 2019, I made a variety of resolutions (you can find them here) and I managed to hold most of them. What I have neglected the most is this blog but I take comfort in the fact that I still come back to it and that it is starting to contain enough memories that I can use it as a journal.

If 2019 was the year of empathy, 2020 will be the year of transition. There will be 2 massive events this year that will transform our lives : 1) we will welcome our third daughter in April 2) we will move to another country in July. In 2020 it will be essential for me to practice patience, letting go and self-care as logistics are guaranteed to be hectic. Here my plan is flexible and includes a mix of the following :

  • Prioritize family life and let work take a step back, at least for the first 9 months of the year due to pregnancy and maternity leave.
  • Take 6 weeks of proper maternity leave post-partum : no travel, no work, no logistic stuff. I plan to camp in my bed, with my baby, and read books with Peanut and Apple.
  • Pursue my coaching training as it brings positive and trans-formative improvements to my well-being and performance. Make it a priority for the next 3 months before maternity leave.
  • Practice self-awareness, empathy, generosity and honesty in the workplace and at home, to further solidify my confidence and relationships.
  • Work from home once a fortnight at least, to reduce tension, create space to think and rest and spend that little extra bit of time with the girls.
  • Walk, everyday

For good measures, I also want to throw in a few practical “good” resolutions. You will find them below, along with a mini-plan of how I will tackle them.

  • Plan ahead and better : I have noticed that I get stressed when a) a deadline looms and I haven’t started the work b) I realize I forgot something important. This is valid for both my work and personal life. In work, I took the first step last year by starting to plan my work in 2 weeks increment as opposed to 1 week – this made a massive change to my well-being. At home, there is a lot of progress to do. So I will do the following : merge my personal / home to do list and my work to-do list, plan holidays / travels at least 2 months in advance and plan the week-end on Wednesdays (including the food shopping delivery).
  • Cook a vegan meal 3 times a week : I shared with you before that Lion and I were trying to reduce the carbon footprint of our family. I think so far we eat vegan maybe 2 evenings a week and I would like to make this 3. To do so, I asked (and received) a vegan recipe book as a Christmas present and plan to come up with 10 vegan recipes that the whole family likes, so there is more variety.
  • Bring my lunch to the office at least once a week : This is again to reduce waste (take-away comes in a lot of packaging), save money and eat healthier. My plan is to overcook one night a week in order to be able to bring in the next day.
  • Catch up on my photo albums : I haven’t finished 2018 so am now officially 2 years late… These are essential to keeping memories alive so I will aim to complete them as soon as possible.

I know 2020 will be logistically and physically arduous for me, so I want it to be emotionally soft and sweet. I wish you and your loved ones the same. I wish for the tornado to slow down just a little bit in our hearts, even as the motions of life remain demanding.

Happy 2020 to all !

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