Whose opinion really matters ?

What do people think of you ? Most humans ask themselves a version of this question everyday.

Do they think I am clever ? Do they think I am beautiful ? Are they jealous of me ?

Do they see me as a waste of space ? Do they see I have gained weight ? Will I sound stupid if I ask this question ?

Am I seen ? Noticed ? Do I have influence ?

But in reality, people’s opinions are exactly that : opinions. They are not facts, not truth, not sponsorship.

So, like the funky new-york duo Sofi Tucker, I encourage you to “fuck they” because “who’s they anyway” and ask instead a more empowering question: whose opinion really matters ?

Who do you value and respect ? Who can genuinely and durably influence your life for the best ? Who do you answer to ? These are the people that matter, and if you commit to being really selective, you’ll likely only come up with a handful.

Your spouse. Your children. A few close friends. Maybe a mentor or two.

Possibly God.

And yourself. Particularly your future self : how will you judge yourself in 10-20-30 years ? On your deathbed ?

Make THIS your guide when you make decisions.

And forget the misguided “they”. It is often no more than a incoherent and misinformed crowd that doesn’t know you, doesn’t care about you. That you are probably half imagining anyway. “They” is sometimes mostly our self-talk.

Few people care about you. You should care for very few people’s opinions.

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