When you’ve had a bad week…

Have a curry and a glass of wine.

Plan the following week

Find the nuggets of good that DID happen : the compliment you did get from your boss, the project that did progress, the person you did help.

Do another hour of work and clean your inbox

Watch an episode of Friends, or Big Bang Theory, or Seinfeld, or Sex Education

Take a bath with your children and blow bubbles

Go for a nighttime walk and look at the stars

Plan your week-end

Tell your spouse a joke and laugh together

Get it out on paper in your journal, your blog, your Whatsapp group with your best friends

Call your mom or dad

Go dancing

Smile at your mirror

Remember that things always improve. Most mistakes can be fixed. Most fears are less scary after a night sleep. Most depressing thoughts fade with sunlight. Most bad weeks are followed by a not so bad one. And the good news is there is always a week-end in between.

Enjoy your Friday night !


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