Lockdown S02E04

The day our nanny found my underwear in the living room.

Ok, so one thing that has slipped with this new lockdown is my standards when it comes to clothes, hair and make-up.

I barely leave the house, and when I do, my face is covered by a mask, so why bother with anything more than a shower, deodorant and occasionnally a hair wash ?

What’s the connection with today’s incident ? Well, this morning, I took a shower without washing my hair. So i looked for a bobble or a hair band to keep my hair from getting wet. I couldn’t find one. So I did something I occasionnally do : I used a clean pair of underwear to make my hair into a messy shower bun.

And because brushing my hair is not part of my new minimum working from home standards, I forgot about it and remained with my knickers bun. Until it bothered me on the couch and I took it out, threw the underwear under the coffee table without ralising what it was, and my nanny picked it up an hour later whilst fishing for toys Pebble had thrown.

Imagine what must have gone through her head : ‘This is embarassing, my bosses got wild in the living room last night and left evidence’.

Just a good reminder that looks can be deceiving…

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