Reducing household waste by 30% without too much hassle

Reducing our household waste has become my new obsession. It breaks my heart that we throw between 2 and 3 full bin bags out every week, and that’s not counting nappies nor food waste. Granted, 95% of the content of the bags is recyclable, but recycling is not the same as not producing in the first place. So Lion and I are committed to reducing our waste by 30%. But it has to be hassle-free, as we have busy schedules and if it is too much effort, we won’t keep it up in the long term.

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Eco-conscious but busy Mum (or Dad) ? Here are my top tips for doing our bit for the planet

Since I became a mother, the urge to protect the planet and be a more responsible consumer has grown much stronger. I really want to do my best to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. I also want to do my best to keep my family away from harsh chemicals and pesticides. Yet, sometimes, it seems so out of reach. Not that I am trying to find excuses, but a lot of environment-friendly options are time-consuming and as a Mum, time is scarce…Read More »