The ambiguity of coming back to work after having a baby

I love work. I love the intellectual stimulation, the sense of accomplishment, the financial reward. I love business, I am genuinely interested by stories of corporation that rise and fall, by the strategic evolutions of markets, by the business models and the unexpected players. So starting work again after mat leave, I should be happy, right ?

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To doing it my way

Yes, I am a nice girl. I tend to help people. I assume good intent. I like to connect, share a laugh or a coffee. I am liberal and accepting. I smile a lot.

The problem is, people take advantage. Not everyone of course. The political ones. The competitive ones. They equate kindness with lack of character. Simple terms with lack of expertise. Friendly conversation with laziness. Read More »

My manager’s pledge to all my future teams

A lot of things have changed in my work life recently. For confidentiality reasons, I will not share all the details, but a series of events have made me reflect and I have made a decision to take another job. I will still be working for the same company, which I love, but in a different team. More significantly, I will go from a position where I manage a team back to a single contributor position : my team will be me and I will manage only me !Read More »

Personality and leadership test : friend or foe ?

Have you ever taken an MBTI test or something similar ? I recently did and it got me thinking about personality and leadership tests in general.

These tools are designed to help you understand how you operate and think at work and, taken in the context of a team, how others operate and think, with the view that if everyone knows each other better, team interactions will be easier and more productive.Read More »

Why my feminist husband is my best career asset

I am very very fortunate. I married a feminist man.

When I first met Lion, I was 25 and he was 26. We were both advancing our careers, albeit in different fields. Very quickly, our respective workplaces, careers and ambitions became a very important topic of our conversations. We became one another’s coach. Our careers were advancing in parallel. We were slightly competitive with one another.

It was fun.

Then we got married and I became pregnant with Apple. And things changed.Read More »

“When people see something in you”… My experience of mentoring

Last week was my company’s annual Staff meeting. 6,000 of us gather in a concert hall for 1 hour to listen to updates and stories from the past year. Despite the firm being a massive business, the atmosphere in the staff meeting is always relaxed, not stiff, and we are able to enjoy information and words of wisdom from a variety of top managers.

This year, the overarching theme was diversity. And my attention was particularly caught by one of the speaker, a woman, who was explaining her success that way : “Someone saw something in me that I didn’t know I have”. She then went on to encourage all of us to take a deserving more junior staff member under our wings and to develop them. That got me thinking about my experience with mentoring.Read More »