Review of July 2018 : More is more, Bullet journal tweaks and Potty training

July has been full of realizations !  The first one being, for good and bad, it is impossible to keep your work and home life separated. Whatever happens in work spills over to home and vice versa, so I will stop having a work and home section in the monthly updates because it doesn’t make sense. Instead, here is an update on LIFERead More »

Bullet Journal : 30-day review and tips

About a month ago (see review of April 2018), one of my friend showed me her bullet journal. I had heard of them and had seen a few ads on Facebook but I had never seen one in real life. She told me that she started hers because she was always doing 100 things at the same time and was doing a bad job of keeping track, thus becoming notoriously unreliable.

That sounded just like me ! So I thought I’d give it a go and try it out for at least a whole month. Here is my experience after 30 days of “bullet journaling” !Read More »